May 18:            Introduction

May 19:            Horace Miner, “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema” at

Lee Baker, “From Savage to Negro,” pp.11-25.

May 20:            Lee Baker, “From Savage to Negro,” pp.54-80, 99-126.

Week Two: Culture and Modern Anthropology

May 23:            Franz Boas, “The Limitations of the Comparative Method” and “The Methods of Ethnology” pp.260-289 (available online)

May 24:             Rony, “King Kong and the Monster in Ethnographic Cinema” pp. 242-252 (available online)

May 25:            Mead and Bateson, On the use of the camera in Anthropology, in Anthropology of Media, pp. 41-46.

Berger, “The ambiguity of the photograph,” in Anthropology of Media, pp. 47-55

Jay Ruby, “Seeing through Pictures: the anthropology of photography”

May 26:            Lutz and Colliers, “Reading National Geographic,” pp. 89-117

May 27:            Clifford Geertz, “Interpretation of Culture,” pp. 3-32

Week Three: Gender and Sexuality

May 30:            NO CLASS (Memorial Day)

Butler, “Undoing Gender,” pp. 1-13 (available online)

Ortner, “Is Male to Female as Nature Is to Culture?” from Women Culture & Society pp. 67-88 (available online)

May 31:            Bell Hooks, “Feminist Theory: from margin to center,” pp. 18-33 (available online)

June 1:                        Irma McClaurin-Allen, “Incongruities: Dissonance and Contradictions in the Life of a Black Middle-Class Woman,” in Uncertain Terms: Negotiating Gender in American Culture pp. 315-334 (available online)

June 2:                        Frank, “G-strings and Sympathy,” pp. 85-120

June 3:             Gutmann, “Meanings of Macho,” pp. 173-195 (available online)

Week Four: Globalization and Restructuring Culture

June 6:            Arjun Appadurai, “Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy,” from Modernity at Large pp. 27-47 (e-reserves)

June 7:            Faye Harrison, “Everyday Neoliberalism in Cuba,” from Outsider Within pp. 201-219 (available online)

June 8:                        Manalansan, “Global Divas,” pp. 62-88 (available online)

June 9:            Sreberny-Mohammadi, “The Global and the Local in International Communications” in The Anthropology of Media.

June 10:            Students to present ethnographic projects to class.

Week Five: Redefining Home

June 13:             Delamont and Stephens, Up on the Roof (available online)

June 14:             Ong, “The Ambivalence of Salvation,” in Buddha is Hiding, pp. 195-226 (available online)

June 15:            John Jackson, “Birthdays, Basketball, and Breaking Bread” from Harlemworld, pp. 88-124 (available online)

June 16:            Setha Low, “Re-creating the past,” from Behind the Gates, pp. 72-91 (available online)

June 17:            Students to present critiques and discussions of peers’ ethnographic work.

Week Six: “New” Frontiers

June 20:            Bourgois, Disciplining Addictions (available online)

June 21:             Sullivan, Retail Gentrification (available online)

June 22:            Hines, In Pursuit of Experience (available online)

June 23:            Shoham, Flow Experiences and Image Making (available online)

June 24:            Jackson, An Ethnographic Filmflam (available online)

Week Seven: This is It

June 27:            Last day of class.  Students to present final presentations.  Details will be discussed in Class.

            First draft of ethonographies due.

June 29:            Students to Turn in Final Drafts of Ethnographies

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