Readings are listed on this page in the order they are assigned for CA 94.  Selections from the required texts, From Savage to Negro and The Anthropology of Media, are not available on this page.

Boas, Methods of Ethnology

Boas, Problems of Methodology in the Social Sciences

King Kong and the Monster in Ethnographic Cinema

Reading National Geographic

Geertz, Interpretation of Culture

Butler, Undoing Gender

Ortner, Is Male to Female as Culture is to Nature

Hooks, Feminist Theory

McClauren-Allen, Incongruities

Frank, G-Strings and Sympathy

Gutmann, The Meanings of Macho

Harrison, Outsider Within

Manalansan, Global Divas

Delamont, Up on the Roof

Ong, Buddha is Hiding

Jackson, Harlemworld

Low, Behind the Gates

Bourgois, Disciplining Addiction

Sullivan, Retail Gentrification

Hines, In Pursuit of Experience

Shoham, Flow Experiences and Image Making

Jackson, An Ethnographic Filmflam

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