Rural Gentrification

June 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week, in Hines’ “Rural Gentrification,” we discussed the colonization of rural communities and small-tows by members of the ex-urban middle class.  Hines states, “Rural gentrification is best understood as the product of both continuity and change relative to the ideas/practices of Modernity and current postindustrialization.”  Hines discussed his research with four men from around the country that came from urban areas to a quieter place in Colorado.  Bringing their ideals together, Hines claims, “Members of modern middle class have aspirations to distinguish themselves as members of an emerging class faction through their emphasis upon the production and consumption of experiences.”

I found this article particularly interesting because it related to me in several ways. Growing up in a rural area for the majority of my life, I met a lot of people who would always talk about “getting out of here.”  Usually referring to a major city, these people had expectations to leave the small postindustrialization community that exists in small farmers factions.  This was contrary to Hines’ point, but in a way, it connects completely.  As Hines describes the members’ needs for the production and consumption of experiences, his point correlated to the people I knew from my hometown.  While completely the opposite, this was their own search for experiences as it was contrary to their original nature.  This addresses the specificity of human nature and plays against the subconscious’ want for a taking back to a simpler time. However, what might be chaos to one might be a paradise for the other.


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