Stuck Between Two Different Worlds

June 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

When someone plans two different birthday parties it is normally a scheduling conflict. In Paul’s case he did it because his life socioeconomic backgrounds. The thought that some friends or “peops” where they are a closer knit group and of a different class, while his “peers” are ones of the same socioeconomic class, mostly closely associated with his current employment. Since he was involved in two worlds Paul played two different characters. These two worlds are stuck in a very particular way of life that is forced to interact on many levels. In class today we talked with the author “Harlemworld Doing Race and Class in Contemporary Black America.” Dr. Jackson allowed a certain perspective for me to interpret on this certain reading. Paul showed me by having two different parties and by extension two different identities; he was able to fluidly move between two separate classes.

This brings me to the point that, are we stuck in where people classify us or can we form our own group that fits us? If so then how do establish us, or is someone like Paul just stuck in a grey area between two worlds. Looking at this chapter and from the talks with Dr. Jackson I believe that in a city like Harlem there are many different ways to classify this city than just two socioeconomic classes, and that the interactions between these people are breaking down these classes and allowing it to change its judgments on socioeconomic levels.

Just like how Paul is able to move between two different classes, I have learned to do the same. From where I grew up, there were multi-million dollar houses.. I lived near these awesome neighborhoods but in a one-story condo and with all these houses surrounded me. This same diversity was faced at school, with the kids, with kids whose reality were much different than mine. I can see why Paul felt like he had two have two different characters to be with the people of the certain classes due to standards that are held in each.


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