Advocating Feminism

June 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Feminism in today’s world is a hard idea to grasp. Hooks hopes that women… “see feminism as a lifestyle choice rather than a political commitment reflects the class nature of the movement. (Pg.27)” Hooks takes an approach in the article, Feminism: A Movement To End Sexist Oppression, as more of a redefining approach to the word feminism. Hooks asserts, “Many feminist radicals now know that neither a feminism that focuses on women as an autonomous human being worthy of personal freedom nor one that focuses on the attainment of equality of opportunity with men can rid society of sexism and male domination. (Pg. 24)” This quote is summing up the revision of the thought of feminism as not one about sexual oppression but one about male dominance.

Feminism did not look through a racial boundary either. To many it only mattered that a female was in a position over a male. “I knew that being black would always make a difference, but I certainly didn’t think that being a female would make a difference.” This was a quote said by Leanita McClain. This quotes significance comes from her growing up in the inner cities of Chicago and what she knew was that being black could hold her back. Until she got into a job of power with men under her did she realize that sex and feminism were a key component in her life. She recognized this because people made a big deal over her being a female in a top spot being a true advocate of feminism.

Moving onto the redefinition of feminism, it also comes with a new way to approach its goals. Making women focus on the ending of sexual oppression is forcing the ideals of feminism to be a lifestyle rather than a social issue. This is making all women not “supporters of feminism”, but “advocators of feminism.”

Bell, Hooks. “Feminism: A Movement To End Sexist Oppression.” 17-31. Print.


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